পল্লী স্বাস্থ্য

An Initiative to Reduce Inequality Between Urban and Rural Healthcare.

Rahima Baniz Healthcare Centre (RBHC)

A project of Alo Bhubon Trust established in Ikarkur, Naogaon with the aim to improve the availability and access to quality health care for achieving universal health coverage for the people residing in Ikarkuri and its adjacent villages. Initially, the hospital provides primary health care and physiotherapy services to this rural underprivileged population with minimal resources. RBHC introduces modern telemedicine services “Doctor Dekhao” Apps. It will meet the urgent necessity and serves the local population as well as fulfil the long wish of the village population.

A cancer screening centre will be opened by the name Rahima Baniz Diagnostic and Cancer Screening Centre and will provide the survives of non-communicable diseases specially cancer.

In future service for Stroke Management, Dialysis Centre and Pharmacy will be established to shape it as a Centre a full-fledged hospital.

Activities of RBHC

Primary Healthcare
Doctor Consultation
Door to Door Campaign
Health Awareness and Health Education
Physiotherapy Treatment
Cancer Screening
Tele Healthcare
Telemedicine Application “Doctor Dekhao”

Recent Events & Programs of RBHC