Chairman Message

Prof. Dr. Golam Abu Zakaria

Alo Bhubon Trust (Alo-BT)

Education, health, and renewable energy are the main areas of activity of the Alo Bhubon Trust (Alo-BT).

In the education sector, we want to minimize the norm gap between urban and rural areas. Here we promote the competence of school teachers through special training. We organize e-learning and practical training for students in various subjects, especially English, computer and mathematics courses.

In the health sector, our main goal is to fight cancer. We are active in the areas of prevention and screening, diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation. We realize these activities through our project South Asia Centre for Medical Physics and Cancer Research (SCMPCR). We have already started our new Cancer Diagnostic and Screening Centre project at Rahima Baniz Healthcare Centre (RBHC) in rural area, Ikarkuri Village in Naogaon Sadar Upazilla. This is really an interesting project where we are detecting cancer in its early stages so that the rural population of this area can get affordable and curative treatment.

In the area of renewable energy, we would like to inform you that our RBHC is partially powered by solar energy. We have planned our new ‘‘Green Village’’ project to fully equip the RBHC with solar panels. We will also illuminate the main street of the village with solar panels.

Dear reader you will find the reports on some of our activities in this Newsletter.

I am very pleased that our editor group will try to reflect our activities for you so that you can get an idea of our current activities and future plan.

If you have comments or ideas, please send them to us so we can publish them in future issues.

Thank you to our staff for their efforts in publishing this newsletter. Finally, I would like to thank our supporters, friends, and readers for staying loyal to us.


Prof. Dr. G. A. Zakaria