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We cannot act alone. Alo Bhubon Trust expect collaborative relations and partnerships to pursue its mission and implement its programmes.

Membership Application Process

A membership application form should be completed and sent to the Alo-BT Secretariat along with the following documents:

  • Statutes/ constitution/ Statutes of Incorporation/Articles of Association or similar document
  • Submit one copy passport size photo
  • NID or Passport
  • CV
  • other material specified in the application procedure.

Approval process Secretariat

  • Secretariat reviews the application against the eligibility criteria and verifies that all documents are submitted, including references by the applicant
  • The secretariat may request additional information from applicant
  • Once the verification process is finalized the secretariat will notify the Alo-BT members that application has been made by the organization

Suspension of membership

The membership of Alo-BT will be suspended if:

  • Organization is in violation of membership criteria or rules and regulations
  • Failure to pay membership fee
  • The organization will be given the chance to justify and/ or rectify the mistake and will be asked to provide justification
  • The leadership council will take the decision after reviewing the evidence

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