health campaign was held for breast and cervical cancer Screening at Rahima Baniz Healthcare Centre (RBHC)

On September 13, 2023, a health campaign was held for breast cancer and cervical cancer at Rahima Baniz Healthcare Centre (RBHC), Naogaon jointly organized by Alo Bhubon Trust (Alo-BT) and Rotary Club of Dhaka Dhruva Tara. More than 80 women, from different ages, actively participated in this campaign. The VIA test was conducted during this event, which is an effective screening method for cervical cancer. The results of the test were instantly known, enabling women to start treatment immediately if required. The campaign also provided breast cancer check-ups for the participating women. The healthcare professionals demonstrated how to conduct a self-examination and answered any questions the women had. The women were also encouraged to visit healthcare centers regularly for mammograms and breast examinations.

In this perspective RBHC (A project of Alo-BT) is situated in the village Ikarkuri working for the rural area of Naogaon district, to educate the local women about the rising incidence and unrecognized hazards of cervical and breast cancer and also to align the SDG goal-3 as well as the goal strategy of WHO by the year of 2030.

Cervical and Breast cancer are two of the most prevalent cancers in women worldwide. In 2020, breast cancer was the leading cause of cancer deaths among women globally, with an estimated 2.3 million women diagnosed, and around 685,000 women died from this disease. On the other hand, approximately 570,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year globally, with around 311,000 women dying from the disease each year.

The same issue is present in Bangladesh, where a large number of women are receiving fatal diagnosis of cervical and breast cancer. Situation is more challenging in rural areas, where more than 70% of the population lives, as healthcare facilities are scarce in these areas. Because to widespread shyness, domestic troubles, and other societal concerns, most women visit doctors late. Meanwhile, the sickness spreads.

Awareness and screening are the fundamental steps in cancer management that can lower the death rate. Women who undergo regular screening can detect cancer at an early stage, making it easier to treat and cure.