Project on Renewable Energy (Polli Shokti)

Professor Dr. Golam Abu Zakaria, the founder of Alo- BT has been trying to establish renewable energy in rural areas named Polli Shakti for many years. Renewable energy has the potential to reduce energy prices while also ensuring a cleaner, greener future. This energy source is gradually but steadily replacing “dirty” energy sources in the electricity industry, resulting in decreased emissions and pollution.

Professor Zakaria with his German colleague Prof. Hartmut Baerwolff of the Cologne University of Applied Science and the factory Scemtec Hard- und Software fuer Mess- und Steuertechnik GmbH Reichshof in Germany has implemented in 2011 solar energy facilities for lightening streets, garden, schools, and hospital of the Ikarkuri, Naogaon. He has written numerous articles on renewable energy and explored its significance in his Bengali book Bangladesh Biggan Church (2012).

Later, it was also employed in solar lights in the hospital’s operating room and solar energy in street lighting. Following that, we began similar efforts in another area near Dhaka, Pothhara. In the near future, more and more detailed work will be done on these issues. Although renewable energy faces various problems, including long-term storage, high entry prices, and uneven reliability, technological advancements in the coming years are likely to address these.