History of Alo Bhubon Trust

From the very beginning of Golam Abu Zakaria’s student life in Germany, he was highly motivated to analyze the factors for which Germany is so developed in comparison to Bangladesh. Since that time, he has started to share his knowledge with Bangladeshis during his visits to the home country and is desperate to do some work with respect to his field of expertise, namely in medical physics. He has also a keen interest to improve other fields like education, health hygiene, hospitals, vocational training for the deprived people in the villages. This acts as a driving force to share his experience and knowledge with his home country. From his experience for more than 40 years in Germany in different areas and approximately 30 years in Bangladesh and other developing countries, he is convinced that Bangladesh must need development not only in his specialized field in medical physics but also in other major sectors such as primary education, secondary education, health education, environment, energy, research which are the prime need of the people of Bangladesh. This apprehension ultimately resulted in the establishment of the organization Alo Bhubon Trust (Alo-BT) in 2017 by Prof. Dr. Golam Abu Zakaria along with some of his close like-minded majestic persons. Alo Bhubon Trust is a non-profit, charitable and voluntary welfare association with its primary motto ‘’Serving Humanity and Sustainable Development.’’