Project on Renewable Energy (Polli Shokti)

The founder of Alo- BT has been trying to establish renewable energy in rural areas named Polli Shakti for many years. With his German colleague Prof. Hartmut Baerwolff of Cologne University of Applied Science and the factory Scemtec Hard- und Software fuer Mess- und Steuertechnik GmbH Reichshof in Germany he has implemented in 2011 solar energy facilities for lightening streets, garden, schools, and hospital of the Ikarkuri.

Later it was also applied to the solar lighting in the operation hall of the hospital. He published many articles on renewable energies and has also discussed the importance of it in his Bengali book Bangladesh Biggan Church (2012).

 Thereafter in another village Pothhara near Dhaka, we have started similar types of activities. More and comprehensive work will be done on these aspects in the near future.