Mission & Vision

Mission and Vision


·   Cancer control in Bangladesh and South Asia region through training, awareness, screening, welfare home, self-help group and other activities

·        Address the environmental issues in terms of climate change, global warming and the use of renewable energy and plantation

·        Emergency response to support in natural hazards and disaster and humanitarian activities

·        Accelerate combined self-reliant and continuing development programs in Bangladesh to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

·    Educate and support the youths, disadvantaged people for achieving their social, economic and human rights as well as to provide scholarship to the poor meritorious students

·         Maternal health-care community well-being, health awareness program, health screening and medical camp and mother and child health care hospital

·        Strengthen health sectors capacities by continuing professional development (CPD) training and in-service training to the doctors and other medical professionals

·     Quality inclusive education with introducing primary and secondary school program, skill development, vocational and technical educational training, nursing institute, digital library, e-learning program

·   Collaborative research on socio-economic, scientific, technological, cultural medical and environmental situations, megacities health, nutritional medicine, artificial intelligence, 3-D printer in Bangladesh

·         Women empowerment, girl’s education and save the child, welfare program rehabilitation service

·   Mobilize expatriate Bangladeshi and foreign experts, particularly those who are interested in helping Bangladesh with their specific knowledge


·         The study of the socio-economic, the scientific, technological, medical and environmental situation of Bangladesh and offer possible solutions to the problems encountered by the related stakeholders for the betterment of humanity.