To make Bangladesh most healthier and greener partner in Asia. 

The study of the socio-economic, scientific, technological, medical, and environmental situation of Bangladesh and offer possible solutions to the problems encountered by the related stakeholders for the betterment of humanity.


Accelerate combined self-reliant and continuing development programs in Bangladesh to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Emergency response to support in natural hazards and disaster and humanitarian activities.

    Sustaining the sound health of Bangladeshi people. Cancer control in Bangladesh and South Asia region through training, awareness, screening, welfare home, self-help group, and other activities. 

    Elevate the quality level of education by skill development, vocational and technical educational training, nursing institute, digital library, e-learning program.

    Addressing the environmental issues in terms of climate change, global warming, and the use of renewable energy and plantation. 

    Women empowerment; girls education and saving the child, welfare program rehabilitation service.

    Mobilize expatriate Bangladeshi and foreign experts, particularly those who are interested in helping Bangladesh with their specific knowledge.